Kampala Dojo-Uganda

Kyokushin Uganda Gallery 2016

Sunday class in January

The first Dojo Tournament

31 January 2016

On January 31st 2016, the 1st Dojo Tournament was held in Kampala. Hosted and organized by Kyokushin Uganda. The event was a great success.

Champion: Nsubuga Abbey
2nd Place: Shigeru Kawachi


Sayaka Kimura's special seminar
29 August 2016

We held Sayaka Kimura's special seminar at Kyokushin Uganda. She taught us Shoto-ryu basics and Kata. When we attacked during basic movement, she advised us to close our elbows and she taught us how to move smoothly in forward stance. We hope to organize more special seminars. Osu. 

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