A Japanese Martial Arts Class that Trains your Body, Mind and Spirit.

Karate is currently enjoying wide popularity the world over. We encounter it frequently in books, films, and on television. There are few people who have not seen a demonstration of brick or wood breaking or a single bare-handed man defeat a host of armed opponents.

 But karate is much more than this. It was developed over a thousand years ago, not only as a form of unarmed combat, but as a way to discipline the body in order to improve the spirit. In this way, a unity of body and spirit could be achieved.

 If the sounds too abstract, perhaps we can use terms that are easier to deal with. Besides conditioning the body and improving speed, strength, and co-ordination, karate increases onefs alertness and self-awareness. It also teaches confidence-not cockiness or brashness-but a deep confidence in onefs abilities to deal with the world around him. And with confidence comes calmness and a sense of inner peace.

 This is the true karate, the karate that one can practice years after he can no longer break bricks. But everything must have a beginning and great things cannot be accomplished in a handful of days. In karate, the beginning is the physical forms-the punches, kicks, and blocks that enable an adept karateka to perform the seemingly impossible feats that he does.

 Not everyone who studies karate achieves success, but if you are able to master the techniques described in this website, you could be one of them. Work with patience and perseverance and you are sure to find some measure of satisfaction. You must also work with caution, always bearing in mind that karate is a combat form and enables one to deliver a blow of devastating power. Techniques applied improperly or with insufficient care could cause injury to you or others.

 May your pursuit of karate be a rewarding one.

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